November 7, 2019

Hard anodize
Electroless nickel
Black Oxide
Heat treating
Our experienced staff will help you design the right part for you, assisting you save money, match changing demands, and improve efficiency.
Custom Pulleys
Ever-power manufactures customized timing belt pulleys to your drawing specifications
Quality manufacturing for Prototype through Production quantities
Ever-power manufactures in a variety of pitches and materials including aluminum, metal, brass, bronze and machined plastic
Custom Assemblies
York manufactures higher level pulley assemblies to include bearings, clutches, shafts, etc.
Choose the assemblies from York, as ONE SOURCE, to remove multiple sources for assembly parts
Benefit from York’s unique technical capabilities in engineering and manufacturing custom
precision mechanical subassemblies
CNC machining for quick turnaround
Highest degree of computerized inspection equipment assures quality products

Design Support: PDF, Car CAD, Solidwork
Packing: Carton, pallet or container
Features: High efficiency, materials saving, lower cost, top quality and more powerful, hard to crack.
At Ever-power, we’ve an extensive on-line catalog of off-the-shelf parts that satisfy a multitude of needs in the power tranny and precision mechanical marketplaces.
But we realize that sometimes it requires something special to accomplish the work right. Our Ever-power Customized Shop can modify any of our stock parts to meet your unique performance and material specifications. The Ever-power Custom Store offers fast, precision-manufactured and quality manufactured components which can be constructed from the ground up.
For custom needs, the Ever-power Custom Shop may modify any share timing belt pulleys, and has the engineering and design capabilities to manufacture customized timing belt pulleys to meet your specific needs from scratch. Many designs, sizes, and configurations are available. Would you like a metric bore? Do you want a hub? Would you like flanges? Do you want set screws? Would you like a keyway? We are able to create a pulley particularly for your needs.
Pitches available include:
Trapezoidal: MXL, LT, XL, L, H, XH, XXH
Ever-power: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 14mm (compatible with HTD)
Ever-power: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 14mm (appropriate for Power Grip GT2 and GT3)
Ever-power MX: 5mm, 8mm, and 14mm (appropriate for Gates Poly Chain GT2, TB Woods QT Power Chain II, Goodyear Falcon HTC, S.I.T. GTR Falcon, Dodge HT-500, and Martin MPC)
Supertorque: S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M, and S14M
RPP: R3M, R5M, R8M, and R14M
T: T2.5, T5, T10, and T20 (available in reduced backlash and zero backlash)
AT3, AT5, AT10, and AT20 (available in reduced backlash and zero backlash)
We use only the highest-quality, most reliable materials from suppliers that meet our own rigorous standards, and all our custom-manufactured parts are built to deliver strength and consistent performance.
Our manufacturing features include:
CNC turning
CNC milling
Screw machine turning
Gear hobbing
Tooth shaping
Keyway broaching
Drilling and tapping
Metal plating [Custom Belt Pulleys]

Significantly reduce the consumption of recycleables
Parts with complex shapes
Improve the mechanical properties of the parts
Parts with high dimensional precision and smaller surface roughness
Reduce the procedure and shorten the production lead time
Decrease the production cost of parts