December 10, 2020

MSR Class Bushed Roller Steel Chain has higher strength and extended dress in and it is produced for heavy duty operation below serious conditions. Pins and bushings lock into specially developed side-bars, assuring shut pitch control and attaining as near to 100% bearing between the pin and side-bar as is possible. This configuration is usually called a “bushed roller”.
chain components are manufactured from thoroughly selected raw material, machined and heat taken care of employing exact and exacting specifications; the components are assembled with high precision for highest effectiveness and support.
This class of chain is available in the wide array of pitch sizes. The recommended working load is conservatively stated in all sizes to support optimum overall performance with extended daily life. This chain is made according to manufacturers’ standards and can be interchanged with typical bushed roller chain of other producers. It’s made available in four principal types:
Fashion one have oversized rollers. The outer diameter of your roller is more substantial compared to the sidebars
Type two have undersized rollers. The outer diameter with the roller is definitely the exact same height
or smaller sized compared to the sidebars
Style three have offset sidebars. The rollers may very well be in excess of or undersized
Style four have tall sidebars that extend above the roller
Assorted attachments are made available in the wide array of MSR chain. Typical materials, heat remedies and finishes is usually custom-made to fit your desires. Numerous grades of carbon, stainless and alloy steels are available for many applications. We have finish possibilities such as galvanizied, black oxide and also other distinctive finishes.
MSR chain is available in riveted and cottered development except as mentioned. Cottered development will be furnished unless riveted is requested, except 81X and MSR 303.
Sprockets can be found for all of the chains we manufacture.