July 2, 2020

rotary cutter gearbox

(one) brand name new 45 horse- electrical power (a lot more power also avaiable) shearpin gearbox. This gearbox suits many different makes of 4′,5′ and some 6′ rotary cutters. I sell a good deal of these bins every year for several distinct programs and have ALL Replacement Areas for this box, but with any luck , you will not have to be concerned about that.
Here are the specs on the box:

*forty five horse electricity gearbox

*Normal one-three/8″ easy enter shaft(where the pto shaft hooks on). The pto shaft is held on by a one/2 shearbolt.

*size of the enter shaft out of the gearbox is 3″ prolonged

*bolt hole sample for mounting is on the corners, four-three/4 heart of gap to centre of gap. It takes a 5/8″ bolt.