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Gearbox and geared motor

We are a respected trader, distributor and supplier of high-quality industrial products such as geared motors, industrial couplings, conveyor belts, cone lock pulleys, gearbox spare parts, mechanical transmissions, hoses, etc.We guarantee timely delivery of quality-inspected products.

CouplingGet a quote
The full range can be used for:-

  • Tire coupling
  • Pin shaft sleeve coupling
  • Jaw coupling
  • HRC coupling
  • Gear coupling
  • Flexible coupling
  • Metaflex coupling
  • Fluid coupling
  • Rigid coupling

GearboxGet a quote
Provide different ranges of gearboxes 

  1. Worm gear box
  2. Parallel shaft helical gearbox
  3. Bevel gear box
  4. Shaft mounted gearbox
  5. Extruder gearbox
  6. Helical gearbox 

Conveyor spare partsGet a quote
We provide all types of conveyor spare parts, such as head and tail pulleys, load-bearing idlers and rollers, impact rollers, return rollers, brackets and frames, adjustable frames, etc.

conveyorGet a quote
The modern industrial world has continuously improved standards for safety, quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness.Over the years, we have provided a wide range of conveyor belts to meet these needs at all stages of the production process.

Conveyor belt type:

  • General responsibility
  • Heat resistant
  • Oil/chemical resistance
  • Sidewall belt
  • Bucket elevator
  • Food grade
  • Fire prevention
  • Herringbone belt
  • Wire rope belt
  • Thick belt
  • after sales support

Taper lock pulleyGet a quote
Produce various products, including taper lock wheels, Fenner taper lock bushes, taper lock wheels and timing belt wheels.

Industrial bearings and housingsGet a quote

We are a leading supplier and distributor Industrial Bearing. These bearings are purchased from experienced suppliers who work in accordance with established industry standards.In addition, there is a professional team of experts designing and developing products of various sizes and specifications to meet the diverse needs of customers.Known for its various attributes, the products provided are widely demanded by our customers.

Industrial couplingGet a quote
As a pioneer in the industry, we provide pin-sleeve couplings, fluid couplings, spring mesh couplings, gear couplings and claw couplings from India.

Industrial MotorGet a quote
We are a leading manufacturer of induction motors, energy-saving induction motors, general-purpose motors and variable frequency induction motors from Ankara, Turkey.

Industrial beltGet a quote
We can provide leading brands such as industrial V-belts, timing belts, toothed belts, hexagonal belts, V-ribbed belts, variable speed belts, belt belts, etc., to ensure uninterrupted power transmission of the motor drive, minimum stretch and anti-static oil-heat resistance Quality, to a certain extent, the rope used is high-strength polyester, jacket fabric coated with neoprene and replaces IS: 2494, DIN 7753 and BS 2790 standards.

Gear motorGet a quote
Gear motor and gearbox

A full range of gear motors, gearboxes and mechanical transmissions for light industrial automation applications.

  • Helical gear motor and gear box
  • Helical gear motor and gear box
  • Worm Gear Motor
  • Planetary gear motor
  • Industry-specific solutions

Industrial hoseGet a quote
Industrial hose pressure is high and low, transmission speed is fast and slow, material is simple such as air and water or complex such as hazardous chemicals-every industrial hose application requires something different.XINSHENG Engineering Enterprise can provide a different range of industrial hose products, including various compounds and reinforcement materials, which can be customized by color and brand for quick and easy identification.

General engineering projectGet a quote
From a well-known and leading manufacturer in Hyderabad, we provide Dunlop anti-vibration brackets, wires and cables, welding machines and electrodes.

Industrial MotorGet a quote

We have brought a series of quality-recognized Industrial Motor Designed by our relevant manufacturers who are proficient in market demand and technological development.This series is made of the best grade of raw materials, including surface-mounted explosion-proof motors, flange-mounted explosion-proof motors, foot-mounted explosion-proof motors, cooling tower motors, flange-mounted motors, foot-mounted motors, etc.The series is offered at industry-leading prices.

SMSR gearbox spare partsGet a quote
Suitable for all types of SMSR gearboxes of Fenner old models and Fenner PowerPlus, and also provide spare parts for INGECO gearboxes.

Mechanical power transmission productsGet a quote
Power transmission has replaced mechanical power transmission with gears, couplings, reducers, drive systems, and related products such as chains, sprockets, and belts.

We provide the world's leading brands for various types and quality of mechanical power transmission products.

Unit pumpGet a quote
Our product range includes integral pumps, integral process pumps and horizontal single-stage pumps.

Flame retardant motorGet a quote
From a well-known and leading manufacturer in Hyderabad, we provide flameproof motors, flameproof induction motors and flameproof motors.

GearboxGet a quote
Manufacturer of various products including gear units and nu worm gear units.

Hand glovesGet a quote
From a well-known and leading manufacturer in Hyderabad, we provide blue jeans hand gloves and multicolor jeans hand gloves.

Oil seal and O-ringGet a quote
Leading manufacturer of silicone O-rings and industrial oil seals from Hyderabad.

Rubber glovesGet a quote
Provide you with a complete product selection, including 9" rubber gloves and 14" rubber gloves.

Crusher backing compoundGet a quote
Industry pioneer, we provide mission hpcbc backing compounds from India.

Rice Hulling Rubber RollGet a quote
From a well-known and leading manufacturer in Hyderabad, we provide shelling rubber rollers.

Industrial sprocketGet a quote

We provide a wide range Industrial sprockets. The products provided are manufactured under the supervision of a team of skilled and skilled experts who use high-quality raw materials and advanced and latest machines.In addition, raw materials are sourced from certified and trusted market suppliers.We strive to provide product series at competitive prices.

Locking componentsGet a quote

Customers can easily get this high quality from us Lock the components. The dimensions of these components are precise to provide perfect results and output in automobiles and other cars or vehicles.Customers can be wary of quality because we have tested these components well under various parameters.In the entire range, we provide components in a variety of sizes to meet the various requirements of customers.A complete overview of this scope is provided below:

Welding seatGet a quote
Manufacturers of various products including welding brackets.

SMSRGet a quote
Fenner makes SMSR available for all ranges 5:1. 13:1. 15:1, 20:1.

Grease pumpGet a quote
Provide you with a complete product selection including barrel grease pumps.

goggleGet a quote
From a well-known and leading manufacturer in Hyderabad, we provide eye protection welding goggles (clear/white).

Parallel shaft helical gearboxGet a quote
We are the leading manufacturer of parallel shaft helical gearboxes in Ankara, Turkey.

New thingGet a quote
Our product range includes various rotating barrel hand pumps (polypropylene), single color leather gloves, multicolor leather industrial gloves, black welding mirrors and angle grinders.

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