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Locking components

Customers can easily get this high quality from us Lock the components. The dimensions of these components are precise to provide perfect results and output in automobiles and other cars or vehicles.Customers can be wary of quality because we have tested these components well under various parameters.In the entire range, we provide components in a variety of sizes to meet the various requirements of customers.A complete overview of this scope is provided below:

Locking components

Locking components

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product detailed information:
Ingredientsstainless steel
Size range20-1000 mm
Outer diameter40 mm
TorqueMedium to high torque
Aperture12-16 mm

Provide the same clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics, these lockingComponents It can be used for various purposes from us.Used in cars and other vehicles, these components are very durable in terms of quality working life.We offer this series of products in the most comprehensive and market-leading price range.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • High flexibility
  • Long life and high efficiency transmission
  • Low gap effect
  • Protect expensive equipment during overload operation
  • Spring-acting bellows configuration absorbs parallel
  • Angular misalignment and shaft clearance
  • Connecting bellows flexible coupling
  • High flexibility


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